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VC® 17m Alternatives

Since 30.04 VC® 17m is no longer available, here you will find the best alternatives.

VC® 17m ban

Following testing of the product by the Finnish Agency for Safety and Chemicals (TUKES) for compliance with the EU Biocidal Products Regulation, International® has removed the antifouling from its product range. According to the new regulation, only products with a maximum copper dissolution rate of 15 µg/cm2/day may be used from now on. A transitional regulation provides for a period of 365 days for processing.

Facts about the VC® 17m ban at a glance

  • With immediate effect, the production of the thin-film antifouling VC® 17m has been discontinued.

  • The paints will still be available on the market until 30.04.2024.

  • Processing by the end user is permitted until 02.11.2024.

  • After the end of the transition period, use in freshwater areas and inland waters is prohibited.

vc17m antifouling graphit blau_beide ausverkauft

We are already out of stock of VC® 17m graphite and blue. Remaining stocks can still be found in stores until 30.04.

The popular VC® 17m antifouling dries within a very short time to an ultra-smooth surface without sanding. The easy application and adhesion to a wide variety of substrates (GRP, wood, steel, lead) make the antifouling particularly popular.

VC® 17m is used on sailboats and motorboats, and in underwater applications it successfully prevents the growth of aquatic plants and mussels.

All VC® 17m advantages at a glance:

  • thin-layer antifouling

  • hard & smooth surface

  • short drying time (20 min)

  • smooth, low-friction surface

  • suitable for GRP, wood, steel, lead

  • suitable for freshwater areas

Alternatives to VC® 17m

B-Free Explore as biocide-free fouling protection

B-Free Explore does not require any biocides. The silicone-based antifouling has a particularly smooth and slippery surface to protect against unwanted fouling and also has a positive effect on fuel consumption!

VC® Offshore EU

For those who prefer a classic look, the high-performance antifouling VC® Offshore EU is best suited to all fouling conditions on motor and sailing boats. The hard, smooth finish can be polished with very fine wet sandpaper for a particularly smooth and low-friction surface. Particularly practical: Offshore can simply be painted over existing VC® 17m coatings!

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