What is Curogan and why should I choose a collar made of Curogan?

Why do I choose a stainless steel collar?

Why should I not use a black collar for a light colored dog?

What is the difference between chrome plated steel and stainless steel?

Why does the collar of steel chrome plated rust?

What can damage the chrome plating?

Which material is the easiest to clean?

Can I just wash off any collar made of any material when it is dirty?

Which material is resistant to salt water?

My Curogan collar is also discoloring. What is the reason for this?

Why are there no more brass collars?

Types of collars

What does "without pull stop" mean?

What does with pull stop or with pull assembly chain mean?

What is the advantage of a collar with ClicLock?

What is a long link collar?

What is a medium collar?

What is a NeckTech?

Which collar for which dog?

Which collar should I choose for my light or white dog?

My dog has a nickel allergy. Which collar should I choose in that case?

My dog has very long and or fine fur. What should I look for when choosing a collar?

My dog has short fur. Which collar should I choose?

Which collar thickness should I choose for my dog?

I have a very large dog. What thickness of collar should I choose?

For which dog do I take a 2-row collar?

My dog loves the water. Which collar is also suitable for vacation by the sea?

Recognize original collar

Are original Sprenger collars only recognizable by the logo?

How can I recognize an original Sprenger collar?

What does INOX mean?

What actually makes the Sprenger collars?

What is the meaning of the red dot pendant?


How can I clean my collar made of curogan?

What is the best way to clean my stainless steel collar?

What is the best way to clean my collar from Curogan in matte?

How do I clean my stainless steel collar in black?

Advantages of the collar

What are advantages collar over leather, nylon, plastic?

Why collar for fear dogs?

Warum eine Kette anstatt einem Halsband?

How does wearing the collar feel for my dog?


Find the size

How is the collar length indicated?

What is the tolerance for collar length?

How do I measure my dog's neck size?

What harness size do I choose for my dog?

In what length should I choose a collar without an assembly chain?

In what length should I choose a collar without an assembly chain?

How do I measure a collar with Cliclock?

Why is the NeckTech only available in a few lengths?

How do I lengthen/shorten my NeckTech?

Which glove size should I choose?

What muzzle size should I choose?

Which leash length is right for me and my dog?

How do I know if I need to take special measurements for an item / if an item runs small or large?


What do I have to keep in mind when my dog wears a collar?

How should the collar fit?

How do I thread the collar correctly?

Which collar for which sport?

Who can I ask if I am unsure (fit, handling,...)


I have a social media account and would like to become a Sprenger Brand Ambassador - how do I apply?

I am a dog athlete and would like to become a Sprenger Brand Ambassador - how do I apply?

Are dog sports events sponsored?



How many different colors are the rubberized leashes available in?

Why are the leashes additionally rubberized?



Which toy from which material is the most durable?

What is neoprene?


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