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Our SPRENGER products are made for all adventures with your four-legged friend.

Innovative & Classic

SPRENGER stirrups are not only made of high-quality stainless steel, they are also functional. Whether interchangeable treads made of rubber or stainless steel or joint-friendly System 4 joints that take the strain off your knees.

Our Bow Balance stirrups stand for good and safe riding. They offer all the features you need for customised support in the saddle. Want something more conventional? The Fillis stirrup combines a customised look with classic elegance and exceptional workmanship.

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Spur variety

Spurs can be a useful tool for refined aids. Our wide range means that every horse and rider can find the right pair. Whether it's the simple beginner's model, the particularly soft 'Comfort Roller' or the innovative Fair Rider spurs.

Our ULTRA fit EXTRA GRIP models are particularly popular. The rubber cover ensures a firm fit on the boot and protects the leather at the same time.

Our Balkenhol fastening also ensures an optimum fit of the spur on the boot.

Sprenger Spurs High-end Comfort

Progressively anatomical

The core of our equestrian products are, of course, our unique and innovative bits. Special attention is paid to the bit as an important means of communication. That is why we at SPRENGER develop our bits with partners from medicine, research and sport in order to optimally meet the anatomical conditions in the horse's mouth.

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Accessories & Care

You will also find useful accessories for horse and equipment care. Of course in the usual SPRENGER quality.

With the SPRENGER power leather punch, another hole in the stirrup leathers or bridle can be made in no time and the optimum fit is restored. A must-have for every horse owner.

Do you want to make your bits and stirrups shine again? Our Diamond Paste will make them gleam again.

Matching Care & Stable Equipment

Got a dog?

Man's best friend is the dog - and that certainly applies to you in the stable too - so it's a good thing that we also have high-quality equipment for your dog.

For example, how about a new Y-harness with matching lead and toy - or an adjustable dog chain collar with toy and dog poo bags?

You can find all dog sports products here.

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